Recommendations to the visitor

Recommendations of Visitors and / or buyers

To enter the fair:

It will be done by presenting the invitation together with the data sheet in the registration area, which must be filled out in its entirety, which will be exchanged for a VISITOR credential, and which will allow entry during the 04 days of the event, which must be cover at all times during your stay at the fair.

In the case of not having said invitation, you must make a payment of S /. 50.00 (Fifty with 00/100 Nuevos Soles) at the fairgrounds ticket office.

Of the circulation in the fairgrounds::

It is strictly forbidden to distribute flyers or brochures without authorization from the Organizing Committee during your stay at the fair.

It will not be allowed to circulate through the fairgrounds ingesting food and/or alcoholic beverages, as well as according to Law No. 25357, smoking is prohibited in public places.

The entrance of photographic cameras, laptops, camcorders must be registered at the main door. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for their loss or misplacement.

The entry of firearms is strictly prohibited unless the person accredits himself as a member of the Armed Forces.

The Security Personnel will have the power to request the inspection of your belongings, both at the entrance and at the exit, as this will provide greater security to those attending the fair.


About Minors:

The entry of minors under 15 years of age is PROHIBITED by provision of Civil Defense.
Please do not disrupt the event which may be closed for this reason..

Any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact: Telf.: (511) 957-815-282 or email: or during the event approach any of the service modules that will be located on the premises fair.