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Textile Industry Week

The Week seeks to raise awareness, generate changes and turn the companies in the sector into sustainable, creative and technological, all this through the dissemination and teaching of innovative technologies, automation of processes, innovative experiences and specialized training; achieving, therefore, increase the productivity and competitiveness of the sector and the country.

Implementing these new developments in companies brings as a consequence the reduction of costs, waste and energy; improves the life of the worker and finally makes the company more efficient, having a positive impact on the environment.

The week is made up of:

  • Technical, Master and Management Conferences:

Training program that takes place during the six days of the fair, where lectures will be presented by top-level national and international experts related to the textile-clothing, leather and footwear industry, which aim to allow Peruvian entrepreneurs incorporate modern management tools, acquire new technologies, update concepts, systematize their processes, in such a way that they optimize their performance and consequently that of the sector and the country.


  • Propose new solutions that safely and sustainably automate the textile field.
  • Create a social culture around new advances in the industry, optimizing business processes and training, with a positive approach.
  • Raise awareness in the audience about the context and the new technology of the textile and clothing industry.
  • Reaffirm and reinforce the brand’s commitment to the environment.

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