Why visit Expotextil Peru?

¿Why visit Expotextil Peru?

Fairs in general represent unbeatable advantages, since no other medium gathers such a significant sample of the supply and demand of the sector, in a short period of time and in an easy-to-use and quick-participation platform.


The objectives of the public when attending a trade fair can be grouped into three fundamental categories. Attendees can be classified as follows:

  • If you know what the solution to your problems is, but you are looking for a new supplier.
  • If you have a problem with your production line and you don’t know what the solution is, you may be looking for a new orientation.
  • If you are looking for reinforcements or additional information to improve the productivity of your company.


  • Obtain an overview of the entire specialized commercial offer on the market. National and foreign trends and news
  • Start, continue or close purchase and order processes with the distribution channel present at the fair
  • Build a network of contacts
  • Strengthen business relationships with current suppliers
  • Analyze and directly verify the characteristics of the product / service of possible new suppliers
  • Expand the knowledge and application of technologies and services
  • Obtain product / service distribution agreements
  • Obtain the necessary information to evaluate the possibilities of a future participation as an exhibitor
  • Establish a commercial relationship without the need for intermediaries
  • Know the evolution and reality of the industry, new trends, cutting-edge technologies and innovations in the sector.