¿Por que visitar la feria? – Ing.

Why Visit the Fair?

Industrial entrepreneurs who wish to acquire machinery and equipment, learn about new technologies, review manufacturing processes, acquire various raw materials, update and appreciate new developments, meet new suppliers, establish business contacts for future ventures and, among other things, see the possibility of establishing strategic alliances for your businesses.

On the other hand, there are entrepreneurs who seek to contact companies that manufacture finished products, learn first-hand from the leaders of the textile, clothing, leather and footwear industries, as well as see new developments and trends. They show high purchasing capacity, provide a certain efficient image, establish direct interaction with sellers, obtain a high volume of information in a short period of time, achieve immediate feedback on the introduction of new products and/or improvements in products. already existing, participate in conferences and parallel events that help evaluate the evolution and trends of the market and investigate pricing and distribution policy.

  • Textile and clothing companies.
  • Entrepreneurs of services such as Printing, dyeing, cutting, Full Package, among others.
  • Machinery marketers for the textile and clothing industry.
  • Accessories and spare parts marketers. Managers, Production Manager, Sales, Logistics, bosses and supervisors of all the mentioned areas.
  • Designers and professionals in the environment.
  • Textile Printing Machine Entrepreneurs (Manual and Automatic)
  • Businessmen of Sublimated Sheets.
  • Marketers of chemical and auxiliary products for textile printing.
  • Manufacturers, marketers and distributors of the full range of machinery and equipment, inks, plates, papers, meshes and related services.

Why participate

“Fairs constitute one of the most useful tools and, probably, the most interesting in the cost/benefit relationship within modern marketing.”

“They are tools that must be used in an optimal and profitable way with the aim of promoting the development of a company, a sector and a country”

“Fairs are living markets for commercial operations”

“They are the best source of information in the sector”

“They are the largest nerve center for exchanging opinions and trends”


How to recover your investment and take advantage of them

“Attendees at fairs go with the idea of making a purchase on the spot or gathering the information they require for future purchases. For this to work, you will need to calculate your sales goals and know how you will execute them at the show. To do this, you will need your staff to be highly trained to capture as many potential clients as possible and convert attendees into clients.”